We are ready for Santa over here! 
I snagged these photos of the kids in their matching pjs because with the craziness of Christmas I  knew I  wouldn’t get any. Over Thanksgiving my mother in law gave me this set of baby Christmas pajamas that belonged to my husband as a baby. I’m such a sucker for sentimental items. Im obsessed with them and SO happy at least one of my babies fit into them at the right time! 

Am I the only sentimental one? It sure makes it hard to get rid of things and I find myself saving pieces of paper with scribbles and not even remembering why. I’ve decided If I can’t remember why I am saving it, then I’ll toss it.

But clothes…I  want to keep all the baby stuff. I think I need a storage unit just for the bins of clothes.

Kidding, kidding. 

Do you have any special Christmas Traditions? 

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