I don’t often talk about New Years resolutions, because I find them hard to keep. I love the idea of a fresh slate, and making an effort to feel happier, healthier, stronger, better in general but for me, making these resolutions and not keeping up with it creates a lot of anxiety, and guilt so therefore I don’t usually make them. instead I just try to implement the changes all through out the year.

The only resolution I have ever made was in the fifth grade to stop eating meat. I was 10 and my mom was like, “ok, do whatever you want” probably thinking it wouldn’t last. Here I am 24 years later, still not eating meat.


This year, my “resolution” is to reduce the amount of plastic I use in my every day life. I have of course been doing things for years, like asking for paper bag instead of plastic, but for example i’m really bad at remembering reusable bags. So my plan is to just do better, in any way I can.

ill be sharing some of my favorite ways to reduce plastic coming up on the blog, so if this is something you feel passionate about as well, stayed tuned!

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