I don’t often talk about New Years resolutions, because I find them hard to keep. I love the idea of a fresh slate, and making an effort to feel happier, healthier, stronger, better in general but for me, making these resolutions and not keeping up with it creates a lot of anxiety, and guilt so therefore I don’t usually make them. instead I just try to implement the changes all through out the year.

The only resolution I have ever made was in the fifth grade to stop eating meat. I was 10 and my mom was like, “ok, do whatever you want” probably thinking it wouldn’t last. Here I am 24 years later, still not eating meat.


This year, my “resolution” is to reduce the amount of plastic I use in my every day life. I have of course been doing things for years, like asking for paper bag instead of plastic, but for example i’m really bad at remembering reusable bags. So my plan is to just do better, in any way I can.

ill be sharing some of my favorite ways to reduce plastic coming up on the blog, so if this is something you feel passionate about as well, stayed tuned!


We are ready for Santa over here! 
I snagged these photos of the kids in their matching pjs because with the craziness of Christmas I  knew I  wouldn’t get any. Over Thanksgiving my mother in law gave me this set of baby Christmas pajamas that belonged to my husband as a baby. I’m such a sucker for sentimental items. Im obsessed with them and SO happy at least one of my babies fit into them at the right time! 

Am I the only sentimental one? It sure makes it hard to get rid of things and I find myself saving pieces of paper with scribbles and not even remembering why. I’ve decided If I can’t remember why I am saving it, then I’ll toss it.

But clothes…I  want to keep all the baby stuff. I think I need a storage unit just for the bins of clothes.

Kidding, kidding. 

Do you have any special Christmas Traditions? 


This has been one of those hard weeks. The kind when I’m scrambling to rearrange schedules and travel plans. The kind when the kids have to be on two different sets, in two different states on the same day. 

Charlie had a long scheduled shoot for Rosalina baby clothes in Charleston, while Clayton had a newly scheduled shoot for Elf on the Shelf in Atlanta but my sister who was supposed to be watching Charlie thought my niece had the flu.


 It takes so much effort from so many people to make weeks like this work out and allow our children to have these opportunities. 

Clayton shooting new products for Elf on the Shelf Holiday 2019


My sister was able to bring Char to her holiday photo shoot with Rosalina, and then my Mom picked her up after so she didn’t have to be around my niece (who thankfully doesn’t actually have the flu)… while I was in Atlanta with Clayton having fun with some awesome new products for Elf on the Shelf. 

These kind of weeks leave me feeling emotionally exhausted and grateful, for this journey and having such a supportive group of family and friends.


We can’t wait to show you all the fun new products in store for Next Christmas! 

Charlie shooting Rosalina Holiday 2019