We’ve spent a total of 20 hours on set this week, over 4 days at 4 different locations, on 3 different projects for all 3 kids. Whoa.

We had two days on set with Google, where Charlie was the star of the commercial and became bffs with the incredible director from Chelsea Pictures, and we had fun hanging out with the great crew.  On day two Colby made his industry debut staring in his own video! 

Next up was a photo shoot for both Char & Clayton for Fox Chase Child and Golf Digest, followed by Clayton on set filming his indie film. 

These little ones of ours are rockstars, including this baby who is along for the ride.

I’ll say it again, I’m so thankful i have such a helpful hubby to take some of the weight off… none of what these kiddos get to experience would be possible without teamwork.



Charlie and Senior Producer Shanah from Chelsea Pictures
Day 1 of 2 on set for Google with Director David Gordon Green
Colby making his on camera debut for Google at less than 2 weeks old


Clayton shooting Golf Digest/ Fox Chase Child with photographer Kelly Roper
Clayton on set shooting his first scene for Flesher
Charlie shooting for Fox Chase Child with photographer Kelly Roper