Meet Cory 




I’m Cory, mama to 3 crazy kids (well, 2 crazy kids and one sweet baby) and wife to a pretty awesome guy. I am a Vermont native but have lived all over the country after leaving my small town home when I was seventeen.  I have been here for 12 years and feel Lucky to call Charleston home… until I try to run an errand, then you’ll see me banging on my steering wheel and cursing all the traffic.

After working as a make up artist for over ten years, in 2017 I decided to take a leap of faith and turn my lifelong photography passion into a business and I’m so happy that I  did! Photography pulls me out of my comfort zone, daily! We also own a small business in downtown Charleston that my husband runs the day to day of.

You see, we have all the typical 3 kid chaos going on here… baseball, Boy Scouts, dance, music, PTO, snotty noses, fortnite arguments, laundry, laundry and more laundry buuuut my kiddos also happen to be professional models and actors represented from coast to coast, so we spend many days on set, working on self tapes or traveling to castings and auditions, which brings a whole other level of craziness. 

My kids are my heart, soul and my entire reason for being. I honestly can’t even remember what I was doing with myself before they came into my life. Still, they drive me absolute bonkers at times and let’s get real, I’m not the only mom who is dying to be able to pee and eat without a little one all up in my business or stealing my chocolate. 

I’m just over here doing my best, just making it through the day- trying to raise caring, mindful, humble, environmental advocates and social justice warriors, all while wiping butts and stepping over laundry piles.

 Oh, and we also have 2 rescue doodles, a bunny, 5 chickens and a kitten.

This should be interesting.